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Workshop Essen - Team building (Day 2)

At 9:00 all teams met in the Heinz-Nixdorf-Berufskolleg. The teachers presented the planning of the week and the objectives of the workshop. 

Groups of 3 students, one of each country (one German, one Italian, and one French) have been chosen, working together throughout the workshop

After the opening of the workshop students made a Rally throughout the school. The aims of this Rally were: knowing the school, knowing each other and communicating with the partners in the team of three students in English, but also learning some expressions in the three partner languages. The team members had to help each other to express themselves. Different exercises were held in a good spirits, and the effort was noted to successfully express themselves in the different languages.

prononciationIMG 0517

3languages3languages 2

In the afternoon the technical part of the workshop started with Experience Zero. The basic experience to build a first robot which is able to stop in front of an obstacle in different predefined distances.

 IMG 0613r